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Powell, WY

DOCSIS 2.0 Upgrade

Have noticed for the past two nights that my connection has gone out for about an hour each time. While my Motorola modem won't tell me the channel type the Arris units do. Checked on one just now and Butte has been upgraded to a DOCSIS 2.0 CMTS. The tech that installed my internet a few months ago said they would upgrade from a 1.1 to a 2.0 CMTS then after that go to a 3.0 CMTS...for whatever reason they didn't go straight to a 3.0 CMTS even though *in theory* it should be backwards compatible with 2.0 and even 1.x modems. Sounds like things are underway at least. Hopefully this will solve the somewhat slow internet at nights. The past week has been real bad but before that it was great.


Casper, WY

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Just curious KK - didn't you switch to TCT? I thought you did initally (and posted it on the forum) and it was pretty smokin fast.

I left Bresnan in Casper (went to Qwest) because my node was way way overloaded with no plans in sight to add another CMTS and our company IT guy told me recently it's still a traffic jam at night.

EDIT: just looked at some tracrts you recently posted and you seemed to sail thru Casper pretty quick - but maybe they put you on some Bresnan side road around the town...haha, jt

Sorry, not to be off topic here - was just curious about TCT up there (some of my friends in Powell still on Bresnan also) as in theory - would love to have had them come to

Powell, WY
My parents have TCT's FTTH in Powell, I am in Butte for now and have Bresnan. TCT's service in Powell in comparison to Bresnan in Powell is far superior in my opinion. I am seeing some of the same things in Butte that I was seeing on Bresnan in Powell with time of day severely affecting service quality which doesn't happen with TCT. Granted with Cablevision taking over Bresnan there are bound to be changes, and from what I hear Cablevision wants to get all Bresnan markets up to D3 in order to offer 101Mb/s down, 25Mb/s up. The upgrade to D2 is just one stepping stone in getting there, to keep this semi-on topic. What is going to be really interesting is to see what happens if (when?) Bresnan gets D3 in TCT's FTTH areas and starts offering 101/25 and to see what TCT's counter to it is.

To Bresnan's credit they have beefed up their network in the last year or so. They have built a 10GigE ring and extended it all the way to Seattle, WA and Denver, CO cutting out the middle-man where they now have direct peering arrangements with tier-1 providers such as AT&T Worldnet Services, Sprint, and Level3, but they still have severely over subscribed nodes in some (most?) areas which will render the 10GigE ring practically useless from the consumer's point of view. Hopefully they employ channel bonding in D3 to mitigate that. I have seen the Bresnan trucks in the area doing what I can only suspect as installs as in the last week alone my speeds drop roughly 45% in the evenings. The D2 CMTS upgrade seems to have helped, but not by much. We will see as time moves forward.

I do travel home every now and then, primarily to do maintenance on my servers that I can't do remotely so I get to check in on things and see how the service is performing.


Helena, MT
I'm pretty sure it's been DOCSIS 2.0 for months here in Kalispell. I don't remember it being DOCSIS 1.1 since early this year. I don't watch that close, but I know it's been 2.0 for awhile.

Who cares? It's still a pathetic 1.0 mbps upload on the fastest package and a worthless 0.38 mbps on the normal package.