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Carl LaFong


It's a number of factors....

Whatever you call it. I'm a cord cutter.

Set up OTA as insurance against cable failure (happened last earthquake for a few days). Discovered that the signal was much cleaner - so it's a picture quality issue.

Got a roku box and found that I was watching Netflix much more than cable channels - so it's an alternative source issue.

Content on cable channels gradually got dumbed down - The Learning Channel is now a multiple birth reality show channel. Arts & Entertainment is Gene Simmons. There's no M in MTV any longer. - so it's a quality issue.

Had to contact customer service for a few questions. Surley CSR's who gave wrong answers and were no help at all - so it's a customer service issue.

Got my bill on a monthly basis and realized that I'm not really using or enjoying a service I pay for - so it's an economic issue.

Catagorize me however you wish, but I call myself a cord cutter