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Tuscaloosa, AL
reply to Skippy25

Re: Craig Moffett Weighs In

said by Skippy25:

said by travelguy:

....because the owners of cable channels insist on full distribution, rather than allowing customers to pick and choose channels.....
This could be the only intelligent thing I have ever seen this guy say.
Except it isn't just the programmers who hate a la carte. The cable companies hate it too because they know that most customers will downgrade their programming. They can say that individual channel prices will go up all they want, but that doesn't ring true to most folks when all they want are 20 channels at the most.

And I think he's dead wrong about who is cutting the cord. I'm sure that many folks who are struggling are doing it, but I also believe that cable rates have gotten so ridiculously high that even financially stable families are beginning to question cable's value, especially with most channels going in the toilet in terms of the quality of their programming. These channels are serving chopped steak and demanding filet mignon prices for it. IMHO, things are about to reach a breaking point.