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South Bend, IN
·Virgin Mobile Br..


I guess people truly either:

A)Don't have the money they used to (Worth Segregation)
B)Don't want to pay for commercials (Forced Exposure)
C)Don't want to pay for shit programming (Taking it up the...)
D)Have found cheaper or free alternatives (That's my Boy/Girl...)
E)Don't give a shit (Whatever makes you happy I say...)
F)Some or All of the above ('nuf said)

»were.boldlygoingnowhere.org if we don't change out ways!


united state
People like Comcast TV service. They have good channels, the ON Demand is great. The price sucks though. While every other industry is lowering the price in America (food/beverage, Auto, Airlines, etc) we have companies like Comcast raising the price twice a year.

People will cancel cable and keeping internet for downloading torrents and Netflix. The Gouging is over and unless Cable/SAT providers realize this they will be losing more and more customers. For those that don't completely cancel the cable all together, the good majority of customers are now jumping from company to company for promotions. It will get worse and worse for them as younger, more tech savy people who grew up using the internet know how to access content for free. The problem is all the major providers are corporations. They can't lower prices and say we will have to survive on making less money. They constantly are pushing for more profit year after year for stock holders or the executives will lose their jobs. How do you increase profits other than raising prices? It really is vicious cycle.

The only thing that is going to save the pay TV industry is coming up with reasonably priced packages where people can pick what channels they want. I would be just fine with Locals, ESPN, CSN, SCIFI, FX, COM CENT, HIST, and DISCOVERY. IF I could pick those channels and pay a flat rate of about 25-30 a month regular price I"d have no problem. Why these companies think they can get away with charging double/triple that price for channels people don't want is beyond me. It seems by the cancel rate the companies are beginning to understand that to.