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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to Happydude32

Re: Some presentation materials from Wall St conference call

said by Happydude32:

Being a smart consumer here all comes down to communication. If you call comcast or Uverse and tell them you want your service at a lower rate or you will go to a competitor, they will match that service almost every time (so long as you are not outlandish with your claims). I know many people who do this and it works well for them. The process is simple.

1. Check to see what the prices of Uverse, Dish, and directv are.
2. Call comcast and ask to match the price.
3. If they don't match, call back.
4. If they do match or lower their rates to a reasonable level, PROFIT!

Speaking for all pay TV subscribers in the country, I would like to personally thank all those that take part in that horseshit in advance for next years rate increases. Congratulations guys! Give yourselves a round of applause for being so damn greedy! Do you really think Comcast or any other company is going to take a loss? I work in an industry that has nothing to do with what Comcast does, but we get calls from customers all the time wanting their rates reduced or they’ll go to the competition. Fine we’ll slash your prices, but raise other customers and find creative ways of making that up in the form of additional fees that everyone bares.

So yeah good job!
Its called competition. I can bounce between Uverse and Comcast every 6 months. Until one or the other has some kind of competitive advantage, its what I am going to do. Now, if comcast were to say "No caps", then that swings things in their favor a little more. These providers have been raising rates and it hasn't been because 1% of the population doesn't want to get screwed and asks to have their rates lowered, its because of greed.
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