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Carlisle, PA

Cutting the cord costs more $$$

Ran the #'s and for us cutting the cord would cost more $$.

1. Our Internet would go up $30/mo (We've got FIOS Double Play)
2. Wife and I would have to buy her shows for $0.99 a piece or hope we can find them online.
3. No DVR so we would have to watch commercials.
4. I'd need an Apple TV or Logitech Revue or a Mac Mini hooked up to our TV for both of us to watch.

It's too much trouble to do it. Better to pay Verizon the $129/mo for a DVR, another HD Box, a SD box, and 25/15 Internet.


Leicester, MA

The Apple TV isn't so bad. The newest generation ones are $99.

Anything you buy is yours ... and depending on who you talk to, it's probably got one of the best Netflix interfaces so far implemented.

Most of what my 4yo watches we have downloaded on to the ATV, and the cost per episode is well under a buck at this point.