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World Traveler
Tulsa, OK
reply to caco

Re: What is fascination with cord cutters?

said by caco:

You either pay for video service from sat/cable/fiber or you will pay for video services thru a data provider. Does it really make a difference? This constant harping about cord cutters is not going to make a difference either way.

You OTA folks better not get to uppity because more and more programing is jumping off locals to cable and sat and you will get stuck watching reruns and infomercials soon enough.
Makes a big difference for me. When you add up all the cost.

Heard someone say the same thing years ago. Still see the same programming here. My neighbor even has his OTA antenna connected to his Slingbox.

I think people with cable/sat are the ones stuck with reruns and info commercials and pay up to $200/mo for it.
Which is one of the reason I just stay with the basic cable that came with my condo.
I'll stick with $10/mo for ala carte tv.

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