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We're All Mad Here
Palm Bay, FL
reply to megarock

Re: I got scissors....

said by megarock:

I'm poor but could still afford cable if there was any value in it. I'm just not willing to pay 54.99 a month for BASIC cable with two channels I find any interest in.

Instead I put up a TV antenna for local HD channels and pull the rest through Netflix, catch NFL on Justin.TV and what little I actually watched on cable I can find online with little to no effort.

A-la-carte programming is the way to go if the operators want to keep from losing subscribers. No one wants to pay for 70 channels they will likely never watch for three channels they will. There's no value in it.

It's also getting absurd when FREE OVER THE AIR TV stations are now demanding rebroadcast payments from operators. Sad thing is whenever a blockage (such as the current FOX deal) I just don't watch FOX. Their commercial advertisers lose a viewer as does their local TV station which is an affiliate. But keep demanding payment for something I can get for free and you won't see me around.
I couldn't have said it better! Basic cable is $66.99 a month here, plus the DVR, it came to $85 with taxes and fees. Not worth it at all!

The only reason I allowed it was because the neighbors had a wide open WiFi that we used since March. They moved out last month, so I got a cable modem and cancelled everything else. It would have been $106 a month for all that, so we save about $61 a month. And no, I don't eat dog food for breakfast

Now our bill is $44.95, and we watch everything online for free. I never wanted the TV in the first place, but the roommate and my wife had to have it. I saw no point in paying for something I can get online for free, but whatever.

They haven't put a trap on my line yet, so we do have free basic cable. I don't expect that to last too much longer though.