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On the next level..
·SureWest Internet

Proud Cord Cutter

Early 30's
Employed Full Time
Right around the average income listed
College education

Craig Moffett could come hang out at my place, watch some Netflix, or maybe some of the DVD's I have. Then we could watch internet TV on Media Center streamed from my pc to my HDTV via Xbox 360. Then he can swoon as I just have data service, yet don't eat dog food for nutrition or as a metaphor in regard to shitty video selection on the internet.

Also, Craig Moffett gets paid for being right part of the time and loud all of the time.
If we do not succeed, then we run the risk of failure - J. Danforth Quayle
Ich habe kein Mitleid - Me
An intolerant liberal is the same as an intolerant conservative...think about that for a minute, noob.


Navy disabled war vet. Clear twice average income, degree in chemistry, and work 60 plus hours a week. No TV subscription in over 2 years. 2 Cells one work direct line at work, air card from work for laptop. Peronal Fios 100meg symetrical connection. Yet hey fiber to the prem is pointless lol. According to this guy so is anyone really surprised?? Oh and btw im a vegitarian so dog food is not a option.


Parkville, MD
Google: vegetarian dog food