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Brooklyn, NY
reply to Rob

Re: Will AT&T now get serious about bundling discounts?

said by Rob:

said by Phil:

If people switch to Verizon for the iPhone, that means less traffic congestion for me.
Exactly. And I can assure everyone that VZW's network is not prepared for the influx of iPhones that will hammer their network.

Call it a growing pain...
I agree with the less traffic part. Defections from AT&T would benefit those who stay behind as well as those who defect as the later will be relieving the stress off the network, leaving more bandwidth for the former.

However, I do agree with the article as well. Those who already got iPhone 4 won't be defecting to Verizon as much as they are probably just 4-5 months into their 2-year contracts and unless they hate the phone and/or AT&T that much that they would be willing to pay up whatever is left of their ETF, they are not going anywhere until 2012. And if the above was the case, they should have returned the phone within 30 days and gotten out of the contract altogether.

AT&T could see some defections starting next summer, which would be 3GS users whose contracts would be coming to an end right about then and who are not happy with AT&T.

The only ones jumping all over Verizon iPhone would be those who just love Verizon and were not willing to budge and switch to AT&T earlier, no matter how much they might have loved the iPhone. However, most of these are probably already Verizon customers, so the only thing Verizon would get out of them is tie them into another 2-year contract.

About Verizon's network not being ready to handle the impending iPhone traffic, I don't think it will be as bad as AT&T. After all, they have already been selling some Android devices that are just as data-hungry as iPhones for quite some time and so far no major complaints from customers.
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