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San Diego, CA
reply to openbox9

Re: Will AT&T now get serious about bundling discounts?

said by openbox9:

I seriously doubt VZW will see a huge surge in "new" customers. No doubt, there will be consumers that migrate from AT&T to Verizon Wireless, but I don't believe the numbers will be as grand as some believe...at least not nearly as much of a surge that AT&T experience when initially offering the iPhone.

What some people are missing: there won't be many "new" customers flocking to Verizon due to Verizon's prices compared to AT&T for the same service. I guarantee you that the majority of iPhone users if/when Verizon gets it are going to be people who already have Verizon service and get the iPhone to replace their existing phone.

I'm curious to see how VZW nerfs the iPhone if they do get it. Forced VZAccess Manager and whatnot. I would say that if they get it, I would at least consider it - and I'm probably as anti-iPhone as they come, but I do need a device that plays a bit more friendly with my MacBook.