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San Francisco, CA

4G live in San Francisco

I was traveling back from the Netherlands through Chicago, using my Sprint Overdrive, and got a web page asking me to buy a day pass. so when back in SF, I went to the Sprint store to correct what is supposed to be an unlimited 3G/4G plan. They did so, and also mentioned that 4G should be launched by the end of the year, but is already live in parts of the market.

I turned on 4G on the overdrive and confirmed that, getting 2.78 / 0.93 Mb/s with a 265ms ping. Nice to see!


New York, NY
said by Kniveton:

I turned on 4G on the overdrive and confirmed that, getting 2.78 / 0.93 Mb/s with a 265ms ping. Nice to see!
Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's actually under spec. Take a look at Sprint's 4G spec page at »shop.sprint.com/en/stores/popups···up.shtml . You will see that, in fact, 3 megs per second is the MINIMUM they promise for this service.

One other rather interesting fact, which I've also mentioned elsewhere in this forum: Note that, unlike 3G, Sprint NO LONGER POSTS their 4G upload specs.

I called up Sprint Technical Support to find out what gives, and what they are giving out as their upload specs.

After repeatedly insisting on speaking to Advanced Technical Support, they finally found someone who was able to actually READ me, not tell me, READ me, the official specs.

And the lady who finally had the information, Christine, read me the following, as near as I can recall: "Average upload speeds start at 500k per second and are capped at 1 megabyte per second."

At first, I couldn't believe it: An Internet provider actually admitting throttling???!!!

So I asked her to repeat that, which she did. I then asked her point-blank "So WiMax is capable of faster upload speeds, but Sprint has chosen to cap the upload speed at 1 meg?"

She said "Yes."

I believe this is the first time I've ever gotten any provider to actually admit they're throttling!

In any event, at least for the newer Sprint 4G rollouts, your .93 Mb/s upload speed is probably about it unless they choose to raise or kill the upload speed cap.

But you should definitely be getting over 3 Mb/s on your 4G download. Something is not right there (I get 4.48 Mb/s myself in New York City 4G, which just went on line 12 days ago, as illustrated below:

Please note that my 4.48 figure comes from the real-world experience of downloading stuff from my FTP site, which is, effectively, a longer and more accurate test, but, as you can see, Speedtest results roughly match those.)

By the way, it's fascinating to watch the upload tests interacting with that #$%^&* cap. There it is, cruising along, singing a song, getting up there, 1.2 megs, 1.3 megs, and so on, -- and then, suddenly, as if a hand reached out and swatted it, it jumps down to the .8-.9 range. Disgusting.