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Van Nuys, CA

Question: Why Is My Teleblend ATA loosing sync.

While on the net my ATA will lose sync. but my modem from my ISP doesn't.

So I can surf the net still but have no phone until it re-registers?

What would cause this?

Faulty ATA or what... thanks!


Williston, VT

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My name is Matt,

I am sorry you are having trouble with your service.
You may also call us at 877-415-5635, or email support@teleblend.com, and also chat at our website www.teleblend.com,

Please feel free to ask for me.

Edit: private request for information removed.


just a quick note about Teleblend, have had the original sunrocket since Oct '06, then transfer to Teleblend. No problems at all with this service. Basic, clear, calls in/out in seconds,
good voice mail and reasonable prices. well satisfied in VA.


Van Nuys, CA
reply to zbestwun2001
I have been with you guys since you were born.. and before.
I am not unhappy with the service... actually I am quite pleased overall.
There is just this one issue that has been reoccurring for quite some time.
I spoke with TB the other day, actually they returned my call and I wasn't by the computer when I took it, so we couldn't do anything.
Their first thought was it's my ISP which I have been with for 5 years. It's an independent ISP, as I like them better .. it's DSLExtrme.
We have been going back and forth over this issue for a couple years now.

I can live with it, it's just annoying.


Williston, VT
reply to zbestwun2001
I am sorry you are having issues with the service. Please call 877-415-5635, you can ask for me personally and I will help you resolve the issue.
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