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Redefining Reality

Wyoming, MI
reply to Jason Levine

Re: Not a cord cutter.... yet

Nickelodeon: »www.nick.com/videos/all-videos/?···episodes
I know they had shows on Netflix as well.
Cartoon Network: »www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/index.html
Disney: I've seen their shows on Netflix. Have they taken them down?
Discovery Channel: I've seen Mythbusters at least on Netflix. They might have other shows as well.

Jason Levine
I didn't know about Nick. Thanks.

Cartoon Network's full episodes list is pretty small. Only 11 episodes right now and only 2 of those are from shows we watch.

Disney Channel has DVD releases on Netflix, but not on streaming and Mythbusters is on Netflix as the collections, not season sets. (So, for example, if you want to see the third episode in Season 5, you'll need to know which, if any, collection it is in.)

My ideal "cable cutting" solution would be for those channels to put their shows (current episodes and past episodes) on some streaming service (whether Hulu, Netflix or someplace else). Then, I could view the content on my TV without needing to be signed up for cable. I would even pay a reasonable amount (say, $3 per month) for a couple of those streamed "channels."
-Jason Levine