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SexaT duorP
Saint Louis, MO
reply to en102

Re: AWS iPhone

said by en102:

Total global CDMA users ~500 million
Total global GSM/WCDMA users +4.6 billion.
I agree that AWS globally has ~1/10 of the potential currently... probably also 1/10th the manufacturing cost /development (vs. CDMA) as well.
The difference in cost between a CDMA iPhone and UMTS one is neligible at best. The Hummingbird processor in GalaxyS devices is nearly identical to the "custom made" A4 in the iPhone4. And as we all know, the GalaxyS devices are available on both CDMA and WCDMA using the same SoC. Just different radios.

It doesnt take a lot of effort to make a CDMA iPhone. Just get a different radio and that's it. If Apple wants to make a CDMA iPhone, they can. Assuming that doesn't conflict with their contract with ATT.
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