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[Help] Connection problem on Belkin N+

Hello guys,

I've had a Belkin N+ for a few months now and I noticed that a weird problem that occurs regularly. Sometimes, when a device is connected to the router, the connection seems lost and the router does not respond anymore. The device still says it is connected on the router (Although on the iPhone the signal becomes very weak) but I can't receive data anymore, and any pages load forever.

The problem can be fixed easily by disabling and re-enabling the Wifi on the device (Or disconnect from the router and re-connect), but that's really annoying when playing an online game (I get disconnected) or watching an online movie.

If it can help you, my hardware version is F5D8235-4 v2000, my firmware is 2.01.07, and my Boot Loader, Wireless driver, Firewall and GUI are in version 2.02. The problem occurs on any device connected by Wifi to the router. The problem also happened on the old Belkin router I had before this one. My telephone operator is Free (It is needed for Internet).

If you need any other information, please tell me.
Thanks in advance,



Update firmware to 2.01.08