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Re: Time to Move on

They need to make a stronger statement than this. In 5+ years or so Sprint will have to convert the CDMA spectrum to LTE, or at least have a strong plan in place as CDMA WILL eventually go away. Qualcomm is apparently working on a CDMA to LTE transition in same spectrum.

Sprint needs to make a statement that Clear and the 2.5Ghz spectrum will stick with WiMAX and that PCS spectrum on CDMA will likely eventually go LTE, or that it is the strategic target.

LTE on yet another band makes no sense. There's already too many and therefore LTE has no chance at global roaming. WiMAX is mostly only on 3 bands, so we could more likely see global roaming as well as broader range of IEEE consumer electronics players.


Cleveland, OH
Sprint doesn't need to move to LTE even for CDMA. they can move to Wimax and do all IP which would save them $$$$ in the end as VoIP would be the way to go for them. kill off the PSTN points that they don't need. Would be smart for them and what they'd most likely do.

Sprint already says they don't need to move to LTE. and VZW is the only one doing anything. TMO says LTE but did their trial with Sprint-Nextel-Clear and that was it.

Sprint can actually upgrade their CMDA network and keep going that way until they need to fully upgrade. Sprint's thing is they won't say what their doing and won't until they have something in stone or have it already out. The thing that gives Sprint the upper hand with that is they actually BUILT their network from the ground up (sm-sprint) unlike VZ and T. So it make sense for VZ to actually to move all across the board the same; but they won't fully move away from CDMA either as most areas won't have a ROI on it.