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Re: Why pay more?

I used a laptop that got decommissioned when my wife upgraded to a netbook. It had previously been upgraded to Win7 so it had windows media center on it. Throw in netflix (~$9 / mo) and hulu integration, and you've got a nice setup. I added boxee integration and it's got a great deal of content too. Boxee helps me get the things I couldn't find on Hulu. I added a USB tuner card ($50) and a $15 cheapo hdtv antenna. WMC provides a DVR in it so I can select the shows I want to watch same day, and I'm certainty not looking back. The hardest part has been adjusting to a different way to watch tv. It's now "what do I want to watch?" not "let's see what's on tv." It's oddly empowering.