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Broadway, NC

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reply to FFH

Re: Lack of competition in broadband, Get out of here!

said by FFH:

Ultimately Levin decided to spend more time using the plan to focusing on digital literacy than competition -- but the problem is that without tackling competition, improving literacy means nothing if users can't afford the service.
If it comes down to AFFORDING the service, there are better things the Feds can be doing with their billions of dollars. Like making sure that more, higher paying jobs stay in the U.S. instead by enforcing WTO rules with Asian countries like China & India. And making sure the tax code doesn't reward companies sending jobs overseas. I'd prefer the billions be spent enforcing our existing trade laws instead of ignoring them.
If you really want to see more jobs created and the economy start moving again, you need to deal with the infrastructure. In the 50's it was the Interstate Highway system; in the 21st century it is the Information Highway. Those countries you protest against in your reply are spending the money to improve theirs. So the real question you need to ask yourself is whether you really want the US to lead or become the new third world swamp it is turning into...

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