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Helena, MT

How long does old IP addresses associate with your account.

When you get a new IP address, how long does Bresnan associate the old IP address with your account. 3 months, a year?

Powell, WY
Good question. It would depend on if they have a tie from the DHCP server to where that request originated from (IE the modem's MAC). If it is in a database of sorts they could, in theory, keep it indefinitely given a decent sized storage array/device. I have been trying to work out just how that would work for awhile now since the request would be from your device's (router, computer, console, etc) MAC and not the modem's MAC. There would have to be a few components working together to give an in depth view on which customer has what IP at any given moment. They may have a system in place maybe at the CMTS that links the modem's MAC to devices behind it in it's own ARP cache then stores that association in the database, say in another table where your modem's MAC is also linked to your account number. Another possibility is remote management via SNMP of the modems. I am not sure if there is an OID for MACs behind the modem, but if there is that would be really easy to capture then store based on the modem's MAC. The table from the DHCP server is then cross referenced, or linked, to the table from the CMTS and walla, you have an IP to customer relational database!

I don't know to be honest, just hashed that out in my mind in which I *think* it would work which isn't 100% concrete by any means.


Helena, MT
Thanks for the reply. Lately I have been thinking about setting up a dedicated vpn or ssh tunnel to a non-Bresnan network at a hosting company using a vps to get away from any snooping by Bresnan. More and more ISP seem to be monitoring users network stream for marketing and privacy violations.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
What are you doing that you need that much privacy?

Plus, I haven't seen any snooping on my end.


Whitefish, MT
Well if you happen to be downloading a ton of "material", why not use SSL? Most content providers allow SSL connections.
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