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Re: BaNET price/speed sucks cable is cheper/faster.

Ok John, lets think about this... it's impractical to just use a router and randomly assign IP's to computers.

Provided that the IP's were not in use at the time you set up your router, this could work temporarily, however the first time your connection dropped, or you had to reboot your router, you would most likely lose your IPs. Secondly, if you were to do this, chances are your IP's would be assigned to someone sooner or later, which would in turn cause an IP conflict. Those problems combined make using real IP's without permission quite impractical.
One option is to use a gateway router and assign non-internet IPs to your computers. This is fine if all you do is surf the web and such, however there are many cases where non-internet Ip's can't be used. Some multiplayer games have problems with this type of setup, and you obviously couldn't run any type of server this way.

All in all, if you want more IPs, the only way to get them is pay for them,
, and even though that sucks, it's the way it is, and there's no long-term way around it.
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