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I might as well go with my Iphone's 3G

Incoming rant

So I've made the switch from BELL to Primus because of there deal on home phone/internet bundle, from $62 for the net alone to $74 for net and home phone.

I scheduled my switch over for October because i had to give BELL 30 days notice. Apparently Primus took it upon them selves to have my home phone ported over on the 15th of Sept, as well as my net. so i went with it and they had a bell tech come by and do there thing, came home and no home phone no internet...first bit of frustration, 48hrs later and about 3 calls to tech support i got my home phone but no net...1 week later and no calls until the day teh bell tech came back, i had my net.

Unfortunately on the same day it disconnected ...1 hr on hold for tech support then went through 2hrs of troubleshooting, solution...they send me a new modem. Got the new modem, it still disconnects at least 4 times a day. And this is the pattern for weeks, to this day after another tested modem was sent, HOURS of being on the phone with random level 1 technicians and level 2 the problem still persist.

there solution after 2 months?!? drop my profile down to 1.7mb ...mind you this was a 5Mb package. so they did that without letting me know they where dropping it that low. found out when i saw that my work was moving ridiculously slow, speed test confirmed it.

Called back and raised hell they brought it back up to 4 Mb ...again not telling me...now i'm stuff with 3.5mb connection speeds and I am still resetting my equipment 3-4 times a day.

BUT tonight took the cake for me...i called in just to report that my connection dropped again, which is what the level 2 tech said i should do, unfortunately i got a level 1 tech who was hell bent on following his script and blaming my equipment for the fault, and kept insisting that they will send a technician to my house and charge me for it...now 2 months gone and to have to talk to this guy really did not sit will with me...so im am int eh process of filing complaints and planning on switching ISPs man even BELL wouldn't be this bad