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La Crosse, KS

Which modem for 3G? Sierra 598U or Franklin 301U or 600U?

Which Sprint modem (aircard?) do I want to use for my Sprint Wireless Broadband service?

Sprint started me out on the Sierra 598U; it worked, but I had difficulties that caused me to jump to a 300U when I had a chance. That hardware went bad after a short while, and Sprint replaced it with a 301U, which works - more or less.

Right now SmartView is showing signal strength of -92dBm. Since I am generally in marginal reception conditions (Petaluma, CA & rural Western Kansas) I am thinking I might want to use an antenna to boost reception.

The 301U does not have an antenna jack. Inductive "adapters" that are supposed to tie antenna to a modem with no antenna port don't have a good reputation.

The 598U does have an antenna port. Perhaps I should go back to the original Sierra 598U, and forego the - faint? - possibility that I might someday be in a 4G area.

Or I could go for a 600U, which has 4 antenna ports - except that there are apparently no antenna "tails" made which will fit the "new & improved" port hardware on the 600U.

What do you folks think would be the best choice of modem for these circumstances?


Cobbs Creek, VA

definitely go back to the 598. It is a solid design with, as you note, an external antenna port to which you can connect a wide range of antennas, from Omni's to directionals.
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La Crosse, KS

Jim, thanks very much. Now I'll be figuring out how to execute the reversion to the 598U, but that's just procedure. I hope.


Pleasant Grove, UT
reply to pivonka571

Definitely go back to a 598u, it is a bulletproof little modem.

The inductive adapters are pretty much worthless for just an external antenna, you must use an amplifier to get any results with them.