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Raleigh, NC

And yet...

And yet they got all those things anyway! Then shoved all the cash in their pockets and either walked away or cry every time they have to upgrade anything.

To be fair, the idea does have some merit. If technology weren't improving over time, we would be screwed. Just try using the internet over dialup today. I have (rarely); It's horrible. We're seeing elements of this today (at least in the US) where most end user's speeds are embarrassingly slow and rather expensive, and ISPs are quick to raise prices and introduce metering and caps to convince users to not use the speeds they are getting. There are areas with major congestion problems; and the ISPs don't want to spend the time and money to fix it. (you're lucky if they even admit to it.) They don't want to spend the millions it takes to jump to DOCSIS3, instead they cling to the decade old "zero cost" change-a-number-in-a-config-file "upgrade" path. (which is, actually, quite expensive.)