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This is a sub-selection from I really wish....


Alabaster, AL
reply to thedragonmas

Re: I really wish....

said by thedragonmas:

as mentioned you did not clarify. by posting just the quote it was generalized and applys to every situation of speech.

secondly dont critisize peoples spelling, its very imature

aside. "ban" was probably a poor choise of wording here. i would be perfectly fine with an opt-out system, infact it would be great if the do not call list, paid the fines directly to the people affected
I thought it was obvious I was disagreeing with the "ban" and reading the original post, I still dont understand what else I could possibly be referring to, but thats neither here nor there.

Just to be clear – Government banning speech = unconstitutional. Private citizen avoiding, opting out or ignoring speech = his/her own business.

So next time someone says the government should ban speech and I post the first amendment, please assume I am applying it to the government ban of speech, and not private citizen ignoring or avoiding speech (especially when the original poster said nothing about that).