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Brooklyn, NY

time for an phone update need you guys opinion....

as the title states Iam dude for an update and I need you guys opinion. Iam in the market for a droid. last year I chose the moment over the hero ( because of the slide out keyboard) come to find out most though that the hero was a better phone( not to mention it took the moment forever to get an update from 1.5 to 2.1). well heres my delima this year, same two companies samsung and htc.... which is better guys in you all's opinion.... epic or evo, as of now I hear alot of people say the epic. the only advantage I see from specs is the epic supports 802.11 N not the evo( only b and g) and ofcorse the evo has that big screen. and lets not forget the epic has a slid out keyboard.

thanks in advance


Cobbs Creek, VA

No contest, the HTC EVO wins in screen size, readability in sunlight, camera functions, and HDMI output. IMHO ... get the EVO
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Going Nucking Futs

Chicago, IL
reply to nfixit2004

EVO, unless you really really want the slide out keyboard.


Newman, IL
reply to nfixit2004

I know I'm late on the reply.

But I have owned the epic for 2 weeks now. It isn't bad. I was told the battery life is better than the EVO because of the OLED, but I am finding my average battery life to be just a few hours. Even with battery saving apps. I have never messed with an EVO to compare. I'm not sure if i got a bad battery or what. I ordered 2 more batteries with an external battery charger cuz I'm sick of it. So as soon as I receive those extra batteries I will know for sure if I just had a bad battery.
On another note. I really wanted the HDMI plug like with the evo. I asked if it works with movies I torrented on the phone. The rep said it only works with videos you recorded on the phone itself. So I went with the Epic(I wanted a keyboard too). Now that I am more educated in android phones, I'm sure the hdmi on the EVO would have worked fine with movies.

One more note. Again, it could be that I just have a faulty battery. But when I turn on 3g hotspot, or play Pocket Legends(kinda like Warcraft for your phone), my phone charger cannot keep up with power usage. The battery % continues to drop when I'm doing as said above, at a much much slower rate than not plugged in mind you. Plus the battery temperature protection keeps kicking in.

I'm not saying I hate the epic, I'm sure I'd hate the EVO as well for reasons. Just thought I'd tell you MY experience with the Epic.

I don't know if swype is for Samsung phones only. But it is awesome! I'd say 99% accurate once it learns some special words you will have to manually type in once.(G rated when new) Now that I use swype, I hardly use my slide keyboard.

I hope any of this info helps.