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Om Nom Nom

Lincoln, NE
reply to Adalicia

You Awaken In Razor Hill (Part Four)

>Cast The Beast Within
>Run in circles firing blindly into the dark
> scream and kill'em all

"LOK'TAR OGAR, MOTHERFUCKERS" you roar, activating Rapid Shot, Blood Fury, The Beast Within, everything you've got, every single cooldown at your disposal, all at once.

Screaming death and hell, you strafe the darkness, laying down a withering wall of Saronite that Arthas himself would quail from. You carpet bomb the whole valley with Volley, scream something about freedom and throw Aimed Shot after Steady Shot after Multishot after Arcane shot after every single kind of Sting you can think of directly into the Abyssal Darkness.

Scratchfever lets out a roar worthy of the MGM Lion. He's not attacking anything, but he's real excited about all the shooting and doesn't want to be left out.

The blips on the radar have formed a sort of ring around you. They don't appear to be moving at the moment, but it doesn't seem like you hit anything.

(You now have Two Hundred and Twenty-Five (225) Saronite Bullets.
Your Mana Pool is now at 15%.)

>Shift uncomfortably
>Put Scratchfever on follow
>Cast Deflection and run screaming back towards Razor Hill

Seeing as how 'Plan A: Fire Wildly At Nothing' appears to have failed miserably, you swiftly concoct 'Plan B: Oh Jesus Oh Jesus Oh Jesus Run Run Run'.

Aspect of the Pack UP Deflection RUNNING Disengage and Feign Death READY RUN RUN RUN OH GOD RUN.

You hurl yourself back towards the Junction, Scratchfever in hot pursuit, and leave skid marks in your wake that may or may not be the result of terror-loosened bowels.

You reach the Junction quickly and dash Southwards, towards Razor Hill.

That metal-scraping sound is very loud now and appears to be coming from behind you, up Northwards on the trail leading to the Abyss.

Those blips are still moving. They appear to be drifting in your direction.

Scratchfever is very excited at all this running!

He does so love to stretch his legs every so often, getting Despawned whenever you Mount has been robbing him of a lot of much-needed exercise.

(Scratchfever has gained some Happiness!
Scratchfever's Happiness is now 75%)

>drop frost trap
>cast Misdirection on Scratchfever
>blindly fire into the darkness to the rear
> Stop for a moment to catch breath and consider options
> Lay frost trap (the one with the big frosty aura all over the place, not just a single person trap)
> Get ready to run like hell again after seeing what it is

You screech to a halt, about halfway between the Junction and Razor Hill, spin and drop a Frost Trap about twenty yards back up the trail.

You tell Scratchfever that you're only casting MD on him "for his own protection" and that there is "absolutely nothing to worry about." Luckily, Scratchfever isn't especially bright and buys this story wholesale, sitting proudly next to you with his chest puffed out, pleased that he is finally being useful to you without serving as your Mount.

(Scratchfever has gained 1 level of Loyalty! Scratchfever is now your: Unwitting Patsy.)

You prepare yourself to fire completely wildly into the darkness, but...


There's something behind you. You can see it almost clearly, about a hundred yards up the winding trail, moving slowly across the desert hardtack. It's shuffling, moving laboriously as though crushed under some impossibly heavy weight, a hunched over form, shifting in and out of the Abyssal Darkness.

You squint your Keen Eyes to get a better look.

It's... it's some kind of Gnoll, some kind of , of enormous, hunchbacked Gnoll wearing some sort of metal, triangular, sharply-angled helmet that is very clearly bearing down on it, bogging every movement into a slow, painful crawl as it drags its own enormous weight along.

it is also dragging what appears to be a gigantic butcher knife behind it, the weapon at least two or three times' the creature's size. This knife appears to be unbelievably heavy, the monstrous Gnoll pausing every few weary steps to pull the weapon along, causing a harsh, metallic scrape that cuts through your ears like iron nails on the chalkboard of your soul.

You check your Track Undead.

This blip has a name.

It appears to be called 'Pyramid Hogger.'

>run back to save the Harpy babes shooting at everything you think might be moving

You can't run back to save the Harpy babes shooting at everything you think might be moving right now, there is a Pyramid Hogger blocking your path.

>Cast Hunter's Mark
>Pop cooldowns
>Send Scratchfever to attack

Feeling extremely brave, you throw your big red arrow onto the monster's head and try to pop some of your cooldowns.

Unfortunately, you already popped all of your Cooldowns and blew most of your mana back at the Harpy's Roost. All you really have left is Feign Death and Auto Shot.

This does not stop you from sending Scratchfever in, as such things have never stopped you from sending Scratchfever in. You count yourself extremely lucky to have found such a steadfastly loyal and endlessly stupid Unwitting Patsy.

Scratchfever closes the gap between himself and the great beast in seconds, arriving only shortly after the first of your devastating Steady Shots which don't appear to be especially devastating when you're almost completely naked save your rings, loincloth and rifle.

Your shots do not appear to affect the monstrous Gnoll, pinging harmlessly off that great, red helmet.

This does not stop Scratchfever from giving it his all, as it has never stopped Scratchfever from giving it his all.

He gets in two Claws and a Bite before the creature lifts its gigantic weapon up into the air and brings it down like a guillotine.

You don't care to watch what happens next.

(Scratchfever has died!
Scratchfever's Happiness is now 25%.
Scratchfever is now Dangerously Ravenous.)

You don't appear to have done any real damage to Pyramid Hogger.

He continues scraping his way towards you, a wall of doom slowly but inexorably closing in on you.

>Wrap Scratchfever in your remaining Bandages as to resemble a mummy

This shouldn't be too much of a problem, and you will get around to it as soon as you decide which half of your cat you'd like to bandage.

>Cast "Intimidate" on Pyramid Hogger

Even if Scratchfever were alive, you do not think he would be capable of Intimidating Pyramid Hogger.

At all, really.

>Cast Aspect of the Viper

Your mana reserves are getting dangerously low. It's time to recharge.


> /eye Pyramid Hogger

You give Pyramid Hogger the eye.

He doesn't seem especially moved.

Apart from his slow but steady forward movement towards you.

> cast Freezing Arrow at Pyramid Hogger

Freezing Arrow failed: target is immune!

> flee towards Razor Hill

There is a time for bravery, a time for heroes, a time to make your mother finally proud.

Now is not that time.

You revert back to 'Plan B', which really had been going awfully well, and run, crying and flailing and screaming "OH GOD NOT THE FACE NOT THE FACE" as you churn hardtack back towards Razor Hill.

Panting for breath, your heart beating a ragged tempo in your ears, you arrive within the possibly imaginary safety of Razor Hill.

As soon as you enter the town, two very interesting things happen.

Firstly, the Abyssal Darkness opens up, permitting you to see everything within the town of Razor Hill clearly, but not much beyond, like a dome of impenetrable shadows covering the town.

You can see the trails South towards that little Troll village (what's it called? Semaphone? Snejbjerg?) and West into the red rock desert of Durotar are both open, tunnels cut through the shroud.

Secondly, that scraping noise ceases.

You peer back up the trail Northward, but can see nothing, nothing at all, no blip, no motion, no noise, as though the monster was never real at all.

It is completely silent in Razor Hill.

Lore Nerd. Role Player. Raid Leader. Discipline Priest. Slightly Annoying. Also Likes Kittens.