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Om Nom Nom

Lincoln, NE
reply to Adalicia

You Awaken In Razor Hill (Part Twelve)

>Search Voodoo Trinkets Stand

This is a small, wooden stand a few yards behind the Large Communal Fire. It appears to be a Vendor's Stand, but you don't precisely recall anything like this.

A large, wooden sign hangs over the stand, reading “DA VOODOO” in friendly red letters, outlined in several neon colors.
There are two bottles on the stand bearing labels that also bear this name.

(Tednugent receives item: Two (2) Da Voodoo)

All else here is just a horrendous mishmash of stereotypical Voodoo accouterments, shrunken heads, bizarre fetishes, and a short, cheap, revolving display that holds a number of Bizarre Curios:

There is a Tikbalang Ward here.
There is a Soap on a Rope here.
There is a Hula Doll here.
There is a Magic Crystal Talisman Guaranteed To Save Your Life Or Double Your Money Back which appears to be made out of Quartz and Pewter, with a Dyed Chicken Feather dangling from it here.

> Attempt to make a working Pyramid Hogger voodoo doll

You take a Hula Doll, carve the Soap on a Rope into a Pyramid and cut out room for the Hula Doll's head. You dip the Dyed Chicken Feather in your Mail Hat Full of Water, which makes all the dye almost immediately run off. You use your Mail Helmet full of Red Dye to carefully paint this soap Pyramid red.

After you fit this on her head, you run to the Skinner's Hut, grab the Skinning Knife, and run back to affix this into her hand with a Fishhook and some Fishing Line.

Then you run back to the Skinner's Hut, grab the Animal Parts and Fur Scraps and affix these all over the Hula Doll, until it looks more or less like that horrible monstrosity.

It looks about finished.

It might need something else.

> If able to rest, rest in the inn until morning. During daylight...
> After you crash and a new day starts you wake up confused and well................naked

By now, you know this won't work. You still have no idea what time it is and that Abyssal Darkness has made no signs of so much as wavering.

You're a few frayed edges away from the Naked Freakout, too, to be honest.

There's a lot of options open from here.

You carefully consider what to do next.

> You try not to think about what happened, nor do you want to know you head to valley of trials
> after checking everything and taking a break to allow health to regenerate head to the starting area of the orcs/trolls, if there’s no one in sen'jin then the only other alternative to find a non hostile person would be to go there.


You steel yourself, make sure you're all healed up and ready to go and...

> If that doesn't work, go scout the islands.


You steel yourself, make sure your Rifle's safety is Off and...

> decide it would probly be in your best interest to not head out to the islands just yet...

Frustrated with your indecisiveness, you sit down by the Communal Fire and eat some of this here Roast Boar, drinking Red-Dyed Water from your Mail Helmet.

(Your Health is now 100%
Your Mana Pool is now 100%.)

Lord, sometimes it feels like you've just got absolutely no power over your own destiny at all.

You wonder if anyone else ever feels like that.

> Get soap on a rope
> Get hula doll
> Get skinning knife
> Get magic Talisman
> Get fur scraps

You can't get these, as they are being used in your Unfinished Pyramid Hogger Voodoo Doll.

> Get voodoo masks

The wood is all rotten. If you pick these up, they'll fall apart.

> Get Metal key
> Take Inn Key

It's exactly the same as the one you picked up in the Razor Hill Inn. Like, exactly the same, down to the markings in the teeth.

(Tednugent receives item: Cheap Metal Key
You now have Two (2) Cheap Metal Key)

> Get Books
> Read stuff in inn

You don't even begin to know what you would do with these. All the books are the same exact ones you find pretty much everywhere in Azeroth - two-pound, 500-page leather-bound tomes that tell one story within four pages each, leaving the remaining 496 pages blank.

The Azerothian Publishing Industry is nothing if not excessively wasteful.

> Get Ledger

Also the same as the one in Razor Hill and equally stuffed with gibberish.

You leave this where it is.

> Get Fishing Line
> Get Fishing Pole
> Get fishing hooks
> Assemble Fishing Pole/hooks/line at workbench

A lot of the Line you used to make your Unfinished Pyramid Hogger Voodoo Doll, which is still sitting back at the Voodoo Trinkets Stand, but there's enough here to at least outfit one Pole.

As for hooks, take your pick.

(Tednugent receives item: Fishing Rod)

> Get tanning chemicals

These smell foul and the fumes coming off of them have stained the rawhide wall.

This is far too dangerous to carry around, especially in a place like this.

You leave them where they are.

> Check for troll intoxicants

You toss the whole damn town again and come up with nothing.

What the hell is this? It's like Vol'Jin isn't even from here all of a sudden.

> Take Tikbalang Ward (GODDAMN TIKBALANGS)

If there are Tikbalangs anywhere in this world, you are positive they will be here.

You quickly snatch the Tikbaland Ward, kiss it and affix it around your neck.

(You are now equipped with Tikbalang Ward in your Neck slot.)

> Consider becoming a rogue, taking things that aren't yours is awesome

Or it would be, if the game just let you take everything instead of telling you why you don't want to.

> return to Razor Hill and use the Quest Exclamation Mark on the Desiccated Orc Corpse in The Bunker.

You re-equip your Mail Chest and prepare yourself for the long walk back to Razor Hill.

"Hey Scratchfever," you call, "Come back TO ME, come back TO ME right now, we are returning to Razor Hill."

Scratchfever, CURIOUS as to why you want to go all the way back there when you've really just only got here, makes a plaintive sound.

"Scratchfever, come TO ME. Quickly now. This is no time to be CURIOUS. TO ME."

>Use flax paper on tome?
>Examine Curious Tome

You sit down, pull the Curious Tome out of your pack and set it down in your lap.

What was this thing again? It was all so many minutes ago.

You lift up the Flaxpaper and eye its Occult Needlepoint carefully.

You close your eyes tight, turn your head away and slam the Flaxpaper down on the Tome's cover. When nothing explodes or sets you on fire or anything, you carefully peek down at the Tome.

Using the Flaxpaper didn't seem to do anything, so you elect to simply Open it.

Oh right, this is the book that seemed like it was a list of every quest giver in the game!

Gosh, you wish you'd remembered that sooner.

You place the Flaxpaper on the ground next to you and begin to flip through pages, skimming over thousands upon thousands of names until you're not even seeing names anymore, just meaningless jumbles of letters flung together.

This is pointless. Why the hell was the Narrator so hot on this? You could sit here flipping through this book for weeks and not find anything useful, why did you even think - wait Mary? Did you just see-

Your eyes snap back into Keen Focus and you hunker down further, feverishly flipping pages back and forth until you find -

"Mary." You stare at that name and quickly look at your Flaxpaper. You scour around at the top of it, until the Occult Needlepoint starts making a little more sense. There. M. A. R. Y.

You fumble around in your bags until you come up with the Folded-Up Note.

Signed 'Mary.'

This is Mary's Quest.

Now, you just have to find her.

> ?

Help File- Warning! File corrupted! Errors found!

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Once upon a time, there was a little Orc girl named Mary. Sh []}]{|}%^$&!=-+|\}[}: (#& was kind and she was strong and she was beautiful. She was well loved and had []}]{|}%^$&!=-+|\}[}: (#& they saw her and told her she was destined for grea []}]{|}%^$&!=-+|\}[}: (#& &17^#+[]}]{|}%^$&!=-+|\}[} => ELP ME |} %^$&!=-+|\}[}: (#&17^#+[]}]{|}% e's coming for you he'll find you and he'll kil ^$&@**@)((@!()*! _)@(!@%&*#@ !@_#()%&lease help me ple []}]{|}%^$&!=-+|\}[}: []}]{|}%^$&!=-+|\}[}: LP ME H1^1001000_=@&$*!&@^-=>|}\}[}: m scared i'm scared i don't want to be scared anymo 1^1001 000_=@&$*!&@^-=>|}%^$&!=-+|\}[}: (#&

Checksum error 0085

> Figure out what is missing on your voodoo doll.

For one thing, the ability to make you shit your heart clean out of your body.

It's just sort of sitting there, inert. It's a fairly decent facsimile, but there's no.... spark, no mojo, there's just nothing to it.

Right now all it essentially is, is a Pyramid Hogger Action Figure.

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