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Re: Larger Post Box

said by justin:

as I think I mentioned before, when autoresize is on, there are no textarea controls. So editing a post == textarea scrollbar == autoresize off.

Anons don't get JQuery, and don't get autoresize.
So they get the scrollbar in all cases.

Ok. I logged out. I am posting anon. I have NO drag handle using Opera 10.62. I also have NO vertical scroll bar until I hit Enter about 10-12 times. But getting a vertical scroll bar STILL DOES NOT give me any way to enlarge the tiny text box.

I also fired up IE 6, 7 and 8 and as an anon poster I have NO drag handle.

Do we all need to buy Apple computers if we want to post here anon and not have a tiny box? Or do we need to use Chrome or Safari for Windows where there is NO decent control over cookies....hmmm....I seem to remember the tracking cookies here...with Chrome and Safari the user has no way to block them....and those are the two browsers that work properly here now...not saying....but....???

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reply to Gbcue

Something else (Greasemonkey script) you can try:

Textarea Drag Resize: »userscripts.org/scripts/show/10140