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New Westminster, BC

SMCD3GN on Shaw problems?

I started to get Warp, and they have this awful SMC AIO Modem/Router.

I know I can log in with cusadmin, but that is limited.

The bridge Mode is disabled and no way to turn it on. Unless I have the MSo login, whatever that is.

I spoke to Shaw many times, and its going in circles.
Anyone here that can help, beyond Shaw, please do.

I sucks that I cant use my network the way I need it to be.

Thank you.


Red Deer County, AB
Around here for Warp and Nitro they supply you with the Docsis 3 modem, that's it. Call and ask for just the modem and not the modem and router combo.


New Westminster, BC
Where is here? I'm in New Westminster.

I was told by Shaw that, they only have the SMC AIO for Docsis 3.0.


Red Deer County, AB
reply to Kalec
Red Deer, AB. Co-worker just went and picked one of the new modems up. It's a motorola docsis 3. Not sure on the model of it, but it's definitely a modem only. He uses his own Cisco router.


Port Alberni, BC
reply to Kalec
Shaw supplies the SB5102 for single modems on high speed, the SMC8014WN for highspeed extreme-i and docsis 2.0, and the SB6120 and SMCD3GN for warp and nitro + docsis 3.

Just as a general rule of thumb, there is no way to bridge a SMC gateway. They come with very crippled firmware that is further crippled by your ISP.
The best you could do is take the SMCD3GN in and demand a SB6120.
Two of my mates both have warp in my town (one having signed up a month ago), and they both got a SB6120, so you should not have to put up with the SMC garbage.


Winnipeg, MB
reply to Kalec
If you want the gateway (modem + router combo) you get the SMC device. This is for DOCSIS 2 or DOCSIS 3, although there are different modems depending which level DOCSIS you have (DOCSIS 3 for Warp and Nitro).

If you want only the modem, you would get the SB6120. I seem to remember hearing about another DOCSIS 3 modem in use, but I may have been dreaming, or its distribution may be very small.

In any case, the gateway comes with a $3.95/month charge, whereas there is no additional fee for just the modem.


Langley, BC
Funny. I had two Motorola docsis 3 modems in here on my Warp. They both had massive packet loss that made my connection unusable. Two Shaw techs came out and looked and they claimed everything was cool.

Finally, they said I was one of many with the packet loss issue on the Motorolas and asked me to drive into Surrey to pick up an SMC. The SMC eliminated my packet loss, but now my VPN tunnel to the office won't come up... no matter how many settings I tinker with.

The conclusion I came to was to disable the residential gateway and give an external IP to my Fortigate... but after 5 support calls to Shaw and 1 to SMC, the final answer was "Yes, we can fix it for you, but we're not going to" - a flat out NO. The reason is because giving me a bridge-only is a security risk (??). How it's different than giving me the Motorola is beyond me.

So my options are to cancel Warp (and get the slower bridge-only modem) or give up my office phone.

If you need to do anything "advanced" with your internet connection, the SMC isn't going to cut it... but I don't see massive packet loss as an acceptable alternative with the Motorolas. Beware of packet loss!

Extreme it is.