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Overland Park, KS
reply to Stem Bolt

Re: [Newsgroups] who knows a list of uncensored dmca usenet prov

said by Stem Bolt:

said by bluedyedvd:

said by vasta:

Using Newshosting here, when I asked them about this months ago they totally avoided my question like the plague

The only good thing is the stuff isn't removed right away so if its like a weekly TV show you download that night its fine but if its like a week old every file will be damaged and something I'm noticing now is that the .par2 file is totally removed from their ;servers so it doesn't download...not sure if that even matters since there probably wouldn't be enough pars to repair stuff

Just tested an 11 day old popular show on HBO and you can see every file is capitalized which means it is damaged...

So far I've only noticed HBO related shows being removed like this

Kind of sucks because sometimes I just forget to record shows on HBO so rather then watching them OnDemand I just download them, I still pay for HBO...oh well

Is this really that big of an issue really sure a provider might get a dmca request from time to time but so what it's almost immediately reuploaded. I would see all these threads about dmca requests and hbo an showtime content on giganews so I did a mass search of there content and downloaded every nzb I could find never had a issue with any with one exception. I was looking for a copy of the dark knight and came across 403 msg I tried like 20 different nzbs all around the same time. the dates were when the movie leaked early but does anyone have a problem downloading it now.

No guarantee that the content is going to be reposted in a timely fashion. Even when reposted, why should any have to wait until some else gets around to posting it again because of DMCA?

Why are people paying those premium prices for Giganews when they can't count on being able download the content they want, when they want, anytime they want within the retention period?

The DMCA take downs are happening with Giganews. Giganews users are reporting that some targeted content is being taken down within a few days.

I don't know what kind of mass search you did or when you did it but at this time, DMCA take downs are being noticed by a number of Giganews users.

Your fortunate not to have been affected by DMCA take downs yet but others haven't been so lucky. Just because it's not happening to you doesn't mean it's not happening to any one else. Others are reporting being affected and inconvenienced by it.

I never said it wasn't happening I said its not that big of a deal
what percentage of content on usenet do you think is affected by dmca I would say nowhere near even 1 percent it's much better than cyberlockers and torrent sites not including tpb. Whats going to kill giganews is not the dmca it's the price.