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reply to CyberNBD

Re: My home office setup

About the racks:
I designed and made them myself. I couldn't find anything that would look nice, fit underneath the window AND was easily movable in case of changes have to be made because everything is against the wall.

The phone-power-control-system. I developed it myself. In the process of expanding the office I got somewhat tired of pressing all these buttons at least twice a day, so I needed a quick and centralized way to switch some stuff on and off. Since the phone has a services button to use with all kinds of things and I have some switched APC PDU's I found that a nice way to handle the job.

Since I own some companies in the Pro Audio / Light and ICT business a lot of things at the home office relate closely to what I'm doing for my living. However, most of the things are absolutely no requirements to do my job, they certainly make things go easier.

Just finished, ready to be loaded with equipment

Testing with some spare parts if everything would fit

Back side

The racks in their final position, ventilation panels with 2 fans mounted at the back of each rack for cooling.

Hidden wheels

Power supply and network cables

Asterisk VoIP server with digium TDM-400 Card mounted inside.

Some cable-management underneath the desk: I have absolutely no problem with cables, but I hate when they are a mess . (Back-UPS 300 has been swapped out by a Smart-UPS 1000)

Some more specs:
- Intel Core I7 970 - 6-Core 3.20Ghz
- 12GB RAM
- Kingston SSDNow V+ V2 64GB
- 2x Seagare Barracuda 7200.12 320GB (Raid 0)
- XFX HD5870 1024MB Eyefinity (3 displays)
- Plextor DVD-RW, DVD reader, card reader etc, ...

* Laptop:
- Dell Latitude D820
- Intel Core2 T7200 2.00Ghz
- 100GB HDD
- Nvidia Quadro FX 350M

* Audio System:
- Syrincs M3-220 DT Active Multimedia System (2 Satellites, one subwoofer)
- TC Electronics Level-Pilot
- Behringer Eurorack Pro
- Tascam MD-801R

* KVM Station
- The single monitor next to the audio rack is connected to the KVM switch located at the server racks

*Left serverrack (Up to down):
- Monitoring server (Cacti, Nagios), also serves some management apps.
- Disk Cabinet: 14x 146G SCSI320 10K (Attached to fileserver)
- File / Print / AD / DNS server
- Dev server (Not used a lot anymore since I added the LAB rack with VMware server)
- Asterisk VoIp Server + apps like online phonebook, power control scripts etc.
- Backup server for servers and all other pc's around the home

* Middle Rack: (Up tot down):
- Dell KVM Switch
- APC Power switches (x2, A and B feed)
- Cisco 1841 Router (Has moved to patch rack)
- HP Procurve 2824 Gigabit switch (for al rack equipment, another HP 2626 subswitch at the patch rack serves the rest)
- APC Smart-UPS 3000 (A Feed)

* Right Rack (Up to down):
- Patch panel
- Cisco 3550-24PWR
- Cisco 2950G-24
- Cisco 2621XM with voice modules
- Cisco 2610XM
- Cisco 2610XM
- Cisco 2610 (Console server)
- Cisco 3640
- VMWare Esxi server, 4 Xeon processors, 16Gig ram. For lab purposes (Win / Linux hosts, Callmanager, ...)

- Cisco 7970 IP Phone
- Dell 3110CN Color Laser printer
- Dell 15FP Console
- IME Nemo 96 HD Power Analyzer (So I can keep track of my power consumption )

* Office Facts:
- Dimensions 3.75mtr x 3.75mtr (Room within a room).
- Powered by 2 completely separate 16Amp 230V A and B Feeds.
- 1375 Watts Power consumption (Lab disabled)
- 1865 Watts Power consumption (Lab enabled)
- 15 Minutes autonomous UPS runtime for full office, lab disabled.
- 15 Cat5E runs to the patch rack at the garage.
- 2 Independent Internet connections ( 30/5 Mbit VDSL and 15/1 Cable (Backup))
- 36 Harddisks (14 system, 22 Storage), mostly RAID, equals 4 TB of raw storage
- 42 GB RAM
-15 Processors
- Desk and LAB equipment connected to APC power switch for fast enabling and disabling through the Cisco IP Phone Services button.

* Next up:
- Find out how to add the extra Cisco Lab stuff I bought without adding another rack
- Adding Dell 2407 WFP at the wall for TV and NOC/Calendar Messages
- Adding Denon DN110P DVD Player to the audio Rack
- Replacing Tascam MD-801R with CD-MD1
- Adding more storage (probably swap out the PowerVault 220S with MD1000)


Marietta, GA
Fantastic desk, very similar to mine. Great setup, great wire management and I like the racks as well. Job very well done!