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Albany, GA
reply to rid0617

Re: can now may $7.99 a month?

said by rid0617:

Me too. The service is great but there is only so much money to go around right now

ill be canceling, over a dollar? sure, heres why.

i had 1 dvd out at a time, most recently i got one with a damaged envelope i couldnt return. i called them up and they said theyd send the next one in my cue. 1.5 week later they still hadent shipped it. so i upgraded to the next one up just so i could get the dang envelope. so i go to downgrade this moring and BANG im hit with a price increase either way? i dont think so. they should have givin some sort of notice so people could adjust if they wanted too. im getting no where on the phone so im filing a bbb complaint, if that dont work, screw um ill cancel and never go back.

bottom line, they should have givin notice, and a buck isnt a buck when they charge sales tax.

plus increasing all tiers just to make streaming only look cheaper is a BS tactic.