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Remote won't program to Sony AV Receiver

Hi! i got a new Sony AV receiver - STR DH810.
I CANNOT get my uverse remote (black s10-s1) to program to it! I've tried all the codes - nothing. And I tried the "search" method and I can get to several points where it seems to work. The receiver turns off, so I turn it back on test the volume and mute which works and I press "enter".
As soon as I press enter and test the volume it goes back to the TV and the TV volume starts going back up, not the receiver. I;ve been trying for hours now... can't find any other codes out there and ATT Uverse support told me to contact the receiver manufacturer, huh?
I successfully programmed the remote to my TV and my Bluray, so I know it can be programmed.
This is really important to me as I do not want to need 2 remote to change channels and volume, etc.
Thanks for anyhelp you can give me!!!!


By default the remote will only control the volume on the tv, if you want the remote to control another device (your a/v receiver in this case) then you'll need to do some additional work after getting the remote programmed to the a/v receiver.

To configure your remote to control volume to your a/v recover only do the following:

Press and hold the art and ok button for one second and let go (all 4 mode lights should flash twice).
Press 955 (the art key should flash twice)
Press the mode key you want volume to be controlled (aux in your case).
The selected mode key should give you a long flash to confirmed success.

Let me know if that works.