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Someone is sabotaging me.Finding out who
Kenner, LA
reply to ztmike

Re: [Newsgroups] who knows a list of uncensored dmca usenet prov

said by ztmike:

I never had any issues getting stuff with Astraweb, but when I had Supernews they seemed to take stuff down, but their owned by Giganews..

Yep. Have to remember to Giganews is one of the biggest Newsgroup providers out there in the world. They even have servers in Japan now I think. So they are prime target unfortunately.

Though like I said there is a way around it and it does work. A little bit of the round about way but at least you can get the stuff your looking for! I knew old school usenet methods would come in handy sooner or later!
Wow talk about a mod being mad at me getting my gif to work without having to ask for help on the dslreports forums. Now they are mad I got my wish with Hurricane Katrina. Well at least mother nature will take care of that for me. xD Can't wait to read it