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Stem Bolt
Aka Smiling Bob
Cleveland, OH
reply to Lenny_Nero

Re: [Newsgroups] who knows a list of uncensored dmca usenet prov

said by Lenny_Nero:

Readnews might be 'tiny' in your eyes with just 600~700 days but Avi, for one, has been working in and around Usenet/NNTP longer that most other names I have seen on this page as so called big Usenet.

Having used Avi's (Readnews) servers often over the last 10 something years I have no doubt in their ability.
After all they sell to ISP's and big companies, not just an end user they can blame the problem on, that is if they were even to admit there is a problem like most of the so-called big sellers do, or dont as the case maybe.

I wasn't attacking or insulting Readnews. They have 800+ days of retention which is competitive with other providers. As long as I've been using them through a reseller (2+ years), I haven't experienced any major issues.

Readnews is smaller then Giganews and Highwinds. That's just not in my eyes. It's a fact. Saying their smaller doesn't mean they don't provide great service. Being smaller in my opinion may be the reason they haven't been targeted by DMCA take down requests and allows them to maintain their servers and keep them running reliably. That is a good thing.

I have nothing but praise for Readnews.
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I wasn't attacking or insulting Readnews.
I have nothing but praise for Readnews.

First off, re-reading the thread it does not look as bad as it did in my mind the first time I skimmed thru, thats what I get for running too many boxes and not enuff screens.

If you were just to look at size and feed, or even cost, then giggle news (as giga news are known in the trade) could be classed as bigger, but I very much doubt that there are any people at Giganews or any highwinds [re]seller that have been working with and/or around NNTP as long as Avi Freedman has.