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Boothbay, ME
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reply to Dominokat

Re: [All] Happy Thanksgiving!

I had a good drive up north. My newly bought GPS went right to the camps door step (Funny, it is in the middle of nowhere, but can find that address, but NOT MY OWN HOME address?) Anyway, Thanksgiving was fantastic! Great time with the family and friends, food was just fantastic..... and of course very plentiful. As capecoddah See Profile said "...left over patrol!" In any way you wanted it.

My drive home was more eventful. I drove head on into freezing rain. I hadn't yet put an ice scraper in the car and the windshield kept icing up. I destroyed two credit cards using them to scrape with. Until I finally found an open store that sold ice scrapers! I never was so glad to buy an ice scraper in my life.

The roads were a mess. Covered in ice, cars sliding, etc. I had my 4 wheel drive engaged, but still took it slow. And trying to stop at intersections was nerve wracking....

But I made it home safe and sound!

Now there it talk to have Christmas up there...... Hmmm, it was fun for Thanksgiving but I am not sure about Christmas!