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La Crosse, KS

Can Android (HTC Hero) phone be used w/ Cradlepoint router

Can the HTC Hero Android phone be tethered to the Cradlepoint CTR500 router to act as a data modem for the router?

I've just installed a Cradlepoint CTR500 wireless broadband router. The installation went very smoothly; I've recently had some experience with routers generally and there were no surprises except that, basically, all I had to do was plug in the router, wait for it to light up, plug the Sierra 598U modem into it, and then go to the WiFi connection manager on the Dell laptop and tell it to connect to the new router/network. I have a better connection using the Cradlepoint WiFi network than I did with the Sierra 598U modem alone.

However, I would like to (also) use the data connection provided by my Sprint cell phone, instead of the Sierra aircard, for internet access. Can anyone tell me whether this is possible, and if so how I can do it?

No Android phones are on the list of supported devices for Cradlepoint routers, as far as I can see. Has Cradlepoint simply not developed an interface that will permit the use of the Android data connection by its routers, or is this because of some technical issue preventing that use? Or, as seems more likely, does the lack of cell phone data connectivity for Cradlepoint routers result from pressure from cellular providers?


Newman, IL
I ran across this article when I was looking at the support list for a 4g router. ATT's RAZR was supported, So it can't be a technical issue. It's just a marketing ploy.


I know you really want to use the router. Ignore me if you already know about the following apps. But I thought I'd mention the android app called "EasyTether". There is also one I think called PDAlink. Or something like that. They both tether to a PC using USB debugging mode(check-marked on phone) without having to pay for tethering. PDAlink was ported from the Iphone app. I use EasyThether, and so far it works fine for me. You just have to install a program(the Easytether has a built in guide for info) on the laptop to accept the tethering as a LAN connection. You don't have to root your phone for these to work.
I hear there are also ones that would wirelessly connect the phone to your PC via AD-HOC. I paid for my 3g hotspot, so I never really had to search for that one.