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Grimsby, ON

You can't censor the internet

so this would be an auto updater for the hosts file found in every operating system? or sites could always move to an onion address or a freenet address.


Avon, OH
Hosts file is quite similar between Windows, Linux, and OS X, so it wouldn't be difficult. They could just put some kind of delimiter in there to mark off the sections that would be updated by the app, and leave the rest of the hosts file alone.

R Not
Long Beach, CA

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I am almost hesitant to reply -- lest I face an onslaught of commentaries!

The Hosts - oops - hosts file on your computer should never be updated by anything but you. This is a major security issue -- and I am being very serious here. Security programs (antivirus or antimalware) should not allow an outside source to modify your hosts file. This is extremely dangerous. This is how a lot of rogue programs get you to enter your credit card numbers and other personal data on to bogus sites.

I can ramble on about this, but I will spare you. NO you do not want anything "auto-updating" your hosts file. The hosts file is something you want to view as sacred... Trust me on this. If you want to simply argue something, look elsewhere!


the hosts file in windows vista is already automatically modified by certain adobe products (my wife's laptop was anyway - I use Linux so I don't have the same problem). Maybe if the project starts off Linux-based only (with the package installation process clearly stating what will be added to the hosts file and requiring the users approval) it might have a higher chance of proliferating, particularly if it is a GPL licensed program that makes it to the repositories of the major distros. Initial proliferation in Linux geekdom would also prevent corporate takeover/meddling of the project, and anything in Windows is corruptable by Microsoft. It might be sort of like the new Internet or Web 3.0 or ARPANET, which would definitely help get geeks onboard. Maybe eventually Mr. Torvalds could incorporate "the new p2p dns system" (whatever form it takes) into the Linux kernel so that the user need not even see anything and hosts modification is no longer necessary, which might also eventually tempt all the poor Windows suckers into the future of computing.

PS. Flaming (or merely trying to convince me that Windows is better than Linux) is not necessary because I'm likely more stubborn than you and your flame will be waved off as nonsense; you're entitled to your beliefs and I'm entitled to mine.