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Copiague, NY

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reply to OldschoolDSL

Re: Sign me up

said by OldschoolDSL:

I do not support the idea of piracy, but would gladly add a p2p domain extension to my domains. To me it would be a public statement that I no longer agreed with or supported the way The United States Government has conducted its self in this manner.

The fact there are people against this latest example of a power grab does not alone make any of us a criminal.

For instance: My music, movies, and software are either legally purchased, freely provided, or FOSS. BitTorrent is mostly relegated to the occasional Linux distro for me. It isn't really about the fact that several torrent/warez sites became difficult to access for those less tech savvy, anyway. Rather, it's about the inherent potential for abuse that comes with such capability. Like the steady encroachment of laws on everything from communications monitoring to arresting people who refuse to be searched at an airport and ask to leave, anyone can easily see how this could be used for things beyond stopping copyright infringement. With our communications more and more web based, it's a small step from, "combating copyright infringement," to, "[near] full media censorship." So yes, sign me up too.

Not to mention that from an "utter-geekery" PoV, even the IDEA of a P2P DNS system has my mouth watering!