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This is a sub-selection from This has possibilities.


Albany, GA
reply to S_engineer

Re: This has possibilities.

said by S_engineer:

It's sad that its come to this point, a phrase I keep using over and over. Any desire to remain anonymous on the web gives you a scarlet letter. I think they should come up with a decentralized DNS and circumvent ICANN for no other reason than to defy this useless abuse of power. The DHS was formed to centralize law enforcement authorities efforts in thwarting terrorism, not to be stooges for the RIAA, MPAA, and Coach.
I'd like to see where in the prioritized rankings at the DHS where downloading Iron Man is higher than say...Border Invasion!

i could only imagen the reaction if they some how intigrated this with tor in such away that it all became automatic and just "worked" kinda like torpark..

of course just for mentioning tor i now have to put on a scarlet letter, i wonder if itl be a giant T or, no wait i got it, a giant onion!