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Jazztel versus Telefonica

Hi does anyone know who supports the Jazztel line.. Im not techie but everyone tells me that if I leave telefonica if the adsl line goes down, then you get problems with repairing. I live in Mallorca. can anyone help?


As much as I hate TF I would have to agree with that. One thing they do is that if you have a problem with the phone but the internet is ok, when they fix the phone they cut off your internet and then the other company has to pay them to 'fix' it. Of course they don't do that if you are with TF for everything. Nice people, I could go on but you get the picture...

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reply to doglady
All phone network infrastructure is property of Telefonica.

Therefore any repairs are done by subcontractors companies hired by Telefonica.If a competing ISP have a problem with the copper line they have to ask and pay Telefonica to fix it witch is obligated by law to do so.

Obviously Telefonica is dragging their feet if the costumer is not theirs and tries to do everything is in their power to sabotage the competition, withing the boundaries of the laws and regulations of course.

As much as I love the competition, my advice, especially given that you are not on the mainland (islands and remote places are tricky for competing ISP like Jazztel) is to get service with Telefonica, it will be more expensive but it will buy you peace of mind on the long run.
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