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Tavistock NJ
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said by saratoga66:

said by voipnpots2:

Wow, when I read that Comcast lost 275,000 customers last quarter, I couldn't believe it. I thought Comcast was doing well, especially considering I see about 10 of their commercials a day on TV (and I only watch TV a few hours a day). The only way to make these services worth it is to bundle. Even if the bundle price goes up, it will still be cheaper than getting the same services from different providers. If you downgrade completely, like to basic cable, local calling, and under 1mbps internet, then you'll probably be saving, but who wants that?

Comcast DIDN'T loose 275,000 TV customers last quarter. Comcast lost 275,000 Basic video customers last quarter but they gained 219k Digital video customers so their net loss was 56,000 video customers. This is the first quarter in a while that they actually lost video customers. They have had a steady loss of basic customers for quite some time but they have also had a steady gain in digital video customers. In the first 3 quarters of this year they have gained 1,916,000 customers (TV, HSI, CDV).

I'm not trying to defend Comcast or their rate increases but I'm tired of the news reports reporting totally false information.

It all get confused in the press because numbers quoted in qtrly earnings reports often refer to RGUs(Revenue Generating Units) and not households. A household may have 4 RGUs(Basic TV, Digital TV upgrade, VOIP, Internet). Almost nowhere will Comcast ever publish whether they are gaining or losing HOUSEHOLDS.

So Comcast trumpets how many Digital TV upgrades they have gained or how many internet subscriptions or how many new voice subscriptions. They have been avoiding reporting that while RGUs have been increasing, they are servicing FEWER households.

It is that number that is troubling for Comcast in the long run and why their stock price hasn't risen consistently. They aren't fooling Wall St with their bragging about RGUs. If households serviced keeps dropping, RGUs will eventually start dropping as well.