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Let's Go Orange
Syracuse, NY
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As I have Said...

... for years caps are going to be a reality. It's just too much money for no extra investment for these IP's not to drool after. They have bribed off a political party who is attempting to pay them back in spades. But there is at least one huge turd in their corn flakes - all of the new internet services that provide movies, games, music, and a ton more that requires a LOT of bandwidth use. Companies like Netflix could be burned badly if low usage caps (some have been as low as 5 GB) are put in place after they invested heavily with the movie companies get gain early access for movie content. Gaming sites will probably go under. Games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft require a good bit of bandwidth when you add it up toward a cap.

The old canard that most people won't even notice a cap is a fallacy. As our society moves toward an ever-increasing dependency on our computers and the freedom they offer the internet providers are more than willing to chain us with a cap on that freedom. Maybe it's me but when I look at what's going on (like at the airports) freedom is getting in scare supply and losing the internet would probably be the last nail.
Fascists like free speech as long as it's approved free speech. Et tu, Brute?