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Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
reply to kpfx

Re: UBP can be fair

Well I can give you some sort of idea on the cord cutter front. Every hour (42 minutes) of SD is around 350Mb, every hour of HD content is around 1.09Gb. Now there are some options for just downloading/streaming and viewing, but any long term model for this is going to involve something similar to P2P. So assume a 1:1 download/upload ratio, and you end up with 2.18Gb for every hour of pure content, probably closer to 2.5Gb when you add in commercials. (assuming some sort of legit option pops up, it will have commercials)

So a cord cutter on Comcast, using the connection for nothing but replacing TV, would hit the cap around 25 hour long shows per week.

That number drops even further when you factor in connection overhead.

And if you are really doing everything you listed, I'd lay money your DDWRT meter isn't accurate.