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Tuscaloosa, AL

Muni fiber, anyone?

If the cable companies aren't careful, they're going to encourage even more cities to look at muni fiber. Right now, the thing that's keeping interest in check is the view by many that their Internet service is, if not spectacular, at least good enough. And, for the most part, Internet subscription charges haven't skyrocketed the way cable TV has. If that ever changes, look for the natives to get restless.

Still, I think the cable companies are going to try. IMHO, just like the studios, these companies are interested in either increasing profits or of killing off potential competitors, even if that strategy is incredibly shortsighted. What they don't seem to get is the pursuit of ever-increasing profits isn't always the smartest course of action because it angers customers, who will start looking for ways to shrink or even eliminate their bills. It's very possible to price yourself right out of the market, a fact that these guys choose to ignore.


Hixson, TN

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Yeah, I could see a strong increase in Muni Fiber if they tried this. It could be the silver lining in the coming storm.