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Portland, ME
reply to Murdoc

Re: These are the low lifes....

lobbying should be made illegal.
we consumers are sick of this bullshit.

cap and tiered plans for the internet.
Fuck Off !!!


Worcester, MA
I was thinking lobbying should be banned out-right, but then realized that too many congressmen are too lazy to 'research' the issues they need to vote on (don't they have various secretaries / aides/ etc. to help them do their job... nevermind). the exchange of money should be made fall under a bribe and thus banned. Furthermore lobbying should be strictly regulated such that the views with the most supporters get the most 'time' to convince congressmen to vote which way or the other, not who has the most money. Then if that can't work, then ban lobbying altogether. I suppose this also leads into campaign reform and money wins elections all to often. All this talk is fine and dandy, but the problem is that in order to change any of this, congressmen have to do the changing.... time for a creation of the ''non-political people oversight board of the government"? :P