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Allentown, PA

Can't afford their prices anymore

I had an introductory rate of about $75 a month for digital starter TV (no HD except QAM stuff) and internet that clocked at 20mbps/4mbps up. However now that the promotion is over I see my bill at $130 which is just inexcusable. I've already called in a DSL line for $29.99 a month that's guaranteed to be at least 4Mbps up to 10Mbps and I've downgraded my cable to just the basic channels. If Comcrap raises the rates on that, then I'll disconnect completely and go Netfilx/Hulu.

I've been out of work for a while and the $75 a month wasn't cheap but we could handle it, now that it's a little less than double that, it's not even an option. Goodbye Comcast, you lost another one.