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Altoona, PA

Throttling in PA

Hello, I'm in Central PA and thinking about switching to Atlantic Broadband as they offer much higher speeds than Verizon in my area. My concern is I work from home and my company utilizes P2P technology to transfer project files back and forward, I've heard that ABB throttles even legitimate P2P traffic (I could care less if they throttled illegal downloads, doesn't affect me).

Can anyone confirm this? And if they do, are there any workarounds?



Hey Mattbooty , I have just got off the phone with ABB for the 30th time this year , their nodes are so outdated they cannot handle the traffic, also they have no intention of servicing anything until 2011 and when in 2011 is still uncertain, in the mean time , even with faulty equipment they are continuing to sell their broken internet to everybody they can, this is only compounding the problems, I am paying premium for 8Mb download and last night I was down to 66kb , this has been regular for 6 months to my knowledge.


Altoona, PA
So are you saying this is happening on torrent traffic or ALL web traffic?

Bellefonte, PA
reply to mattbooty
I had the same problem with ABB while I was with them, I rarely if ever saw my 8Mbit, when they weren't blaming it on my router or computers, they were then apologizing that their equipment/network was overloaded.

what a complete joke of a company. I see they're now offering 15Mbit "megamax hsi". Unless they did some serious network upgrades I don't think this new speed will really be anything to talk about.