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Chicago, IL

westell 6100 adsl sync fails among other things

I have ATT DSL pro( just the dsl no phone service) and a westell 6100 modem. Recently I have had issue with the connection. My downstream speed was between 0.2 to 0.6 Mbps so I called the ATT technician. After he fixed the issue I had my regular DSL pro speeds for 4 days and then the speeds went back to being terrible. Right now i am getting 0.5Mbps but i have seen it go down to 0.1Mbps, usually when this happens I reboot the modem and speed goes back to 0.5Mbs and its stuck there ever since.

In the connection information page, I sometimes get the following failures: Check ADSL line sync or Check ATM Signal

Currently its only the Check ADSL line syn fail error

The following is from the technician readout page of the modem:

30 Modem Health Status ok
31 DSL Link Status up
32 Time Since Last Sync 0 days 02:01:04
33 Loss of Signal true
34 Loss of Framing true
35 ATM Cell Delineation true
36 Internet Status up
37 Ethernet Link Status up
38 PPP Connection Status connected
39 PPP Last Connection Error None
40 PPP Uptime 0 days 02:01:04

50 Test ADSL Line Sync Fail
51 Test ATM Cell Delineation Skipped
52 Test ATM Signal Pass
53 Test ATM OAM Segment Ping Pass
54 Test ATM OAM End to End Ping Pass
55 Test DSL Ethernet to ATM Skipped
56 Test LAN Ethernet Connection Pass
57 Test Mac Bridge to LAN Ethernet Pass
60 Test PPPoE to Ethernet Skipped
61 Test PPP to PPPoE Pass
62 Test PPPoE Server Connect Pass
63 Test PPPoE Server Session Pass
64 Test Authentication with PPP Server Pass
65 Test IP to WAN Pass
66 Test IP to LAN Ethernet Skipped
68 Test IP to PPP Pass
69 Test Validate WAN IP Address Pass
70 Test Gateway Ping Pass
71 Test DNS Well Known Host Query Skipped
72 Test Primary DNS Ping Pass
73 Test Secondary DNS Ping Pass
74 Test Mail Srvr 1 Ping Skipped
75 Test Mail Srvr 2 Ping Skipped
76 Test News Srvr 1 Ping Skipped
77 Test News Srvr 2 Ping Skipped
78 Test Web Portal 1 Ping Skipped
79 Test Web Portal 2 Ping Skipped
80 Test PPPoE Connect to GateWay Pass

the following is the rx tx stats; also from the technician readout page:

Rx Tx
140 Current Rate 544 512
141 Previous Rate - -
142 DSL Max Rate 0 0
143 DSL Min Rate - -
144 Current ATTN DR 53 31
145 Current SNRM 12 17
146 Current LATN - -
147 Current SATN - -
148 Current TP 0 11

and the following is the line stats:

To Modem To Internet
Max Allowed Speed (kbps) 544 512
SN Margin (dB) 12 17
Line Attenuation (dB) 53 31
Loss of Signal 1 -
Loss of Frame - -
CRC Errors 58 6

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this problem.

You should check the dsl line stats with the modem connected to the nid test jack
How to check modem stats, synch rates & speeds from test jack at the NID